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Teseteo, which means “gifted” in Amharic, is a Customer Experience and KPO company in Addis Ababa. Cost effective, offshored solutions include AI blended CX, technical support and knowledge process outsourcing. We support Sustainable Development Goal 8 and have a strong ESG Agenda in place.

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Through our partnerships (including Addis Ababa University), Teseteo has access to some of the best technical and language graduates in Ethiopia. Comprehensive training gives staff first-hand experience of the products and assignments they are supporting from day one.

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AI Blended CX

Maximising CX one interaction at a time. Friendly agents with neutral accents improve loyalty, customer retention and your bottom line. Omni-Channel approach fusing voice, email, web, social, ecommerce.

Technical Support

Challenging transactions handled. Our guys know their stuff and the brands they represent. Tier 2/3 support for consumer devices and enterprise technologies. Affordable, Ethiopian technical/engineering talent from Teseteo.

Knowledge Resources

The global knowledge process outsourcing market is expected to reach over USD 75 billion by 2025. We capture the best research, analytical and engineering minds throughout Ethiopia for clients globally.

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Teseteo is a fun, progressive place to work with in-house training and lots of opportunities to advance your career.