Connex One


AI & Automation

As well as standard CX requirements such as IVR – Teseteo are in a position to develop more sophisticated AI based on each client’s requirement and knowledge base. This means our top agents are put to the best use possible and can offer 5-star customer service. Capabilities include Chatbots, Speech Analytics, Predictive Routing, Sales AI and HR AI.


Our agents can seamlessly handle interactions across phone, SMS, email, web, social and live chat. Customers are intelligently routed to agents who are best qualified for their enquiry. Advanced Artificial Intelligence + IVR enables each caller to quickly find the service they need. Teseteo’s omnichannel approach streamlines business processes and improves ROI.

Workforce Optimisation

We continuously monitor the quality and performance of staff interactions to maximise productivity. Connex One allow us to create the best customer journey and make informed data-let decisions on how to train and direct our agents. We also use gamification as a fun way to motivate employees: especially around hitting CSAT and KPI scores.

Reporting and Analytics

Teseteo use business intelligence reporting to drive results through compliance, productivity and improved efficiency. Our agents have access to real-time data via the interaction hub, customer hub, dashboard and wallboard. We refine and organise our information via the Data Waterfall which can open up a world of new opportunity for increased sales and better CX.


Alongside Connex One, Teseteo can integrate with the world’s leading software – whether it be CRM systems such as HubSpot/Salesforce or ticketing systems like Zendesk. Our capabilities include Open API, internal communication integration and payment solution integration.

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