European languages from Ethiopia

B2 + level candidates


International CX

Over time, Teseteo has built an impressive talent pool of linguistic capabilities in Addis Ababa. Other than English they include - French, German, Spanish, Italian and Greek. We stay in regular contact with university departments and work alongside reputable establishments such as Goethe Institut, Alliance Ethio-Fran├žaise + the Istituto Di Cultura.


Our agents in Ethiopia represent trusted brands across Europe and the USA. Once assigned to a new project, we handpick a carefully chosen list of candidates from the company's database. After selection and pre-training, they are ready to start work.


Lead generation, telemarketing and sales projects are welcomed. We motivate staff with monthly bonuses and other incentives (i.e. employee of the month). Our company enjoys working to targets and we're always streamlining processes to hit KPIs.

Languages from Africa's Capital, Addis Ababa.

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