Supporting SDGs 8 & 9



Teseteo carefully considered which factors are most important to our ESG Agenda using research from MSCI as a benchmark. Because we support SDG8 (Decent Work & Economic Growth) – issues the team cares about are job creation, education, fair pay, industry innovation/infrastructure and gender equality. Teseteo are proud of sustainable, environmentally friendly offices and encourage all staff to recycle + conserve energy. Our Governance strategy has put transparency as number one priority as we should be open about performance (financial and non-financial). We monitor and improve this on a continuous basis.

Here are some of the ways Teseteo is creating shared value (CSV) in the business:

Environmental (E) – always reducing our carbon footprint and working towards renewable energy sources. Invest and encourage good waste facilities – including food bins and the recycling of paper, metal, glass and plastic. Ensure light efficiency wherever possible with automatic switch-offs, LEDs and dimmers. Less printing – Teseteo aim to be a paperless, fully digital company. Minimise business travel. Procurement of sustainably sourced items i.e. no plastic cutlery or straws.

Social (S) – job creation for unemployed, high potential Ethiopian people. Target of 2,000 staff within 8 to 10 years. Close relationship with universities for direct access to graduates. School partnerships to encourage good education and skills from a grassroots level. Remuneration – competitive salary paid to all new starters. Innovating services in Ethiopia through outsourcing and working with Government and private sector to boost infrastructure. Equal opportunities across our company.

Governance (G) – transparency of accounts and company information with quarterly and annual reports. Diversity on the board – European and Ethiopian members. Risk management for both clients and shareholders. Competent leadership who have the right skills and industry knowledge. Continually evaluating board performance to identify weaknesses and improve decision making. Teseteo maintain a good working relationship with legal and government officials in the UK and Ethiopia.

Impact Sourcing:

Impact sourcing is an area we take great interest in because it involves employing high potential people through outsourcing. Also known as Socially Responsible Outsourcing (SRO), it fits well with what we do in Ethiopia and improves profit margins.


Teseteo supports Asra Hawariat School in Addis Ababa and encourage donations. Founded in 1961, it has educated over 120,000 disadvantaged Ethiopian children for free. Our team help out and volunteer at the school whenever they can.